GWFX targeted on more than 32 cities

GWFX is one of the leading and fastest growing brands in the online trading industry. With a strong team of market professionals and an executive management team with many years of experience in the financial industry, GWFX is committed to providing clients with a fair and transparent online trading experience.

Goldenway Group
Goldenway Group registerd in Hong Kong since 2009

The Goldenway Group was established and registered in Hong Kong in 2009. The Group's businesses include finance and commercial properties covering prime locations across Hong Kong, Macau, Shenzhen, Shenyang, etc.; we are also developing our businesses overseas to become a truly international corporation.

The group aims to provide one-stop e-commerce services and our core financial business covers securities and futures, precious metals and FOREX trading that are operated under the subsidiaries Goldenway Investments (Hong Kong) Limited, Goldenway Global Investments (UK) Limited, Goldenway Global Investments Limited and Goldenway Precious Metals Limited respectively. Our team of professionals work together to provide the best strategy and management for the Group’s numerous projects, laying a solid foundation for far-reaching business expansion.


Commitment to our communities is one of our company’s core values. We are not only responsible for our staff but also to our society. Therefore, GWFX is actively engaged in Corporate Social Responsibility activities, such as charity events and volunteer opportunities. Our aspiration is to educate and inspire our people to make a positive contribution at the social and environmental level.