With the advancement of RMB internationalization, individual and institutional investors can now trade offshore RMB online on the trading platform. Similar to trading other common foreign exchange currencies, clients can both long and short RMB products on the GW MT4 Platform, so there are profit opportunities regardless of ups or downs. Our trading quotes are in sync with the international market in real time. Investors can hedge against their RMB assets using this product and achieve the purposes of hedging and risk management.

Low Transaction Cost

No commission charge for online trading with tight spreads

Low Entrance Requirement

Trading lot starts from 0.1 lots,
initial margin starts from USD 60

Two-way Trading

Deposit arrives instantly,
withdrawal arrives in 2 hours,
more flexible than traditional
Renminbi products

Fair and Transparent

Trading prices are real time
synchronized with the global

Trade Anytime Anywhere

Support Desktop and Mobile
trading on GW MT4

All-in-one Account

Seize different investment
opportunities by trading Renminbi,
major currency pairs, gold and
silver in one single account
Enjoy the new investment opportunities in Offshore Reminbi and start trading today!